Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas Images

Hey Guys,
I know it's just a LITTLE late to be posting pictures from Christmas, but I've been busy with homework and what not so here we go =D

Here is our 9 foot tree after we opened the presents and we had cleaned everything up.

Here is the Tiffany braclet I got for Christmas from my mom and dad. Thank you mom and dad!

Here's my little cousin Mckenna on Christmas eve. Behind her on the chair is my uncle and ont the fireplace thing is my aunt. This was taken right after we opened our presents.

Heres me all decked out in my new CHristmas clothes. Im pretty sure I got all of American Eagle for Christmas! My mom took this picture thinking she was so artistic taking the picture on an angle. I have to admit, it's pretty cool!

Here are the pointsettas at my Nanas house. My camera takes pictures in black and white so I decided to try the pointsetta in both colour and black and white

This guy, well gal right here is a dog we found wandering the streets on Christmas night. The poor thing was freezing cold, so we took her home with us. Her owners found her the next day


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